Kanata Dragons

Rowan's Law

Rowan's Law is now mandatory for all sports organizations in Ontario. To read about Rowan's Law, click here: https://www.ontario.ca/page/rowans-law-concussion-safety

The Kanata Dragons registration form will ask you to confirm your review of all relevant information and will lead you to the required resources, or you can review everything here first and confirm when you register.

You are required to confirm that you have reviewed the Concussion Code of Conduct for each sport organization with which you register

You are also required to confirm that you reviewed one of the Concussion Awareness Resources:

e-booklet -  Ages 10 and Under

You must review one of the resources once a year and then confirm that you have completed the review every time you register with a sport organization.

If you choose, you may complete this form, save it to your personal device/computer or print to serve as a reminder of when to review the Concussion Awareness Resources again next year.

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